Friday, 27 May 2011

♥♥ OMG theres SUN!


These first photos are actually form the other day,when it was really hot and sunny!:D I dont usually like retro girly,but it was too hot to wear black so i wore this instead!

To be honest,i felt totally plain and boring :( blehh. I do like my makeup and hair though :3

That evening i went to my boyfriends house and we had some ramen!yummyyyy!:DD The pictures look a bit gross,but to be honest,anyone whos ever had a takeaway will know that it doesnt look much better in real life!XD

I had spicy special ramen,which has lots of sea creatures in it,my faaave!:DD (and it had some chicken in it,but i wasnt in a chicken mood,so gave that to Jack.)

Jack's Spicy chicken (with extra chicken!XD)

Both together,aww!XD

i came home yesterday to find my Ageha magazines had arrived!:DD i got this months one,and 2 back issues :3

Well,it feels like im writing about old news!XD im going to go get ready for the day now,so byeee :3

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