Tuesday, 31 May 2011

♥♥ Night out!


My internets been a bit of a bummer recently and hasnt been connecting, so i havent really been able to update!

♥♥ Out-ness!:3
I went out last friday,had a lot of funn!
Got an opportunity to wear my stocking-style tights,and black garter that i bought the other day,i think they complimented my MA*RS dress perfectly!:DD
I also got a MASSIVE diamante Hello kitty necklace that ive wanted FOREVER! it was £15, and i cnat really justify the splurge,but i needed something big and sparkly to look right with the dress,a smaller one just wouldnt have done the job!

Heres a pic of the top half of my outfit-no full length mirror!:0

ze hold-upss+garter.These were atken in the loo,im sat on the lid trying to touch up my make,the toilets were full of girls pushing to get to the mirror,fuck that!XD

Lolll drunky mee XD

♥♥ Rakuten!
Ordered some damn sexy clothes of dreamv too,although they arent being posted until 9th of June coz i ordered something that was reserved,oh well!XD
Ill take lots of pics when i get them!Ordered some boots id been wanting for ages too,although its summer, i go out quite alot (if you hadnt already guessed) and theyre perfect for wearing out :3

♥♥ Dieting!
Im having an indian with my boyfriend tonight,YUMM! ive been really fancing one.
Ive always been the thin girl who should be a fat one.But recently ive been putting on weight.its only half a stone,but it makes me so sad!D: im now 9stone 1 lb. thats not cool!Im hoping to lose another 8lb to get back to what i was!
im on a weight watchers diet,and have been excersising (sort of-i do the odd jog now and then!XD) ive lost 2lb in 20 days.its kinda crap,but i have been finishing off my easter eggs,having pizza and take-aways once a week,so i suppose im quite lucky really!
Anyway,im gonna try and keep you guys up to date about the weightloss,as i know its something that affects/intrests a lot of people.



  1. may i say that you look extremely lovely?!

  2. thankyou very much!:DD -xox-

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  4. I love your hair and makeup !
    Your blog is lovely !I follow !


  5. Heey~ :D
    Omigosh I'm so glad to find another UK gal who loves all the same stuff as me!!! its so rare hehe~ xD <3
    You have a super cute blog and I love all your photos so definitely following! xo

  6. Just found your blog!! So cuteeee <3 and I love your make up and hair ^^


  7. thankyou gals!:D ill follow you all back!:3 -xox-

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