Friday, 21 October 2011

♥♥ A Long Awaited Update!


Ive really neglected my blog over the last few months,but alot of things have been happening that ill fill you all in on!

Okay so ill begin with me having dyed my hair again!XD Ive had baby pink hair with dark pink tips for quite a while,so i figured it was time to mix it up abit and i decided to go for a nice silvery grey colour.Id have preffered it if it camt out a little darker grey than it has done,but im pretty happy with the overall result,and as usual upkeep is a bitch! D: haha!

Ive recently started University to study BA(Hons)Fashion,which is really exciting! Im currently about a month into the course and i absoloutly love it!^-^
We went out last night for my friend on the courses 24th birthday and it was fancy dress as famous singers,i went as Amy Whinehouse,but we had Beyonce,Gwen Stefani,Ke$ha,Ellie Goulding,Katy Perry,Lady Gaga and Jessie J!XD everyone made a huge effort and it was SUCH a funny night!

I also have a new boyfriend (well i say new,weve been together about three months now!XD)who is amazing,hes so funny and kind,and so unbelieveably HOT!which is good because its hard to find guys who are good looking and not complete assholes,so im a lucky bunny!:D
This pics from a house party and im a bit drunk!XD

It was also my 21st birthday on the 2nd of September and it was amazing!i went for a meal with my family and then out partying in town with a group of my friends,it was so fun! i got a camera for my birthday too,so ive been terrorising everyone with that at any given opportunity!haha!Heres a pic of my makeup and hair for my bday!

I was also posted on Gyaru Valentines last week which was a lovely surprise,and very unexpected,especially as i havent even blogged in such a long time! So thankyou very much to whoever did that,it means alot!:D
If you dont know what Gyaru Valentines is,its a site where people can post pics of gyaru that they want to say something nice about,or compliment them as an anon,its a nice idea and makes a refreshing change from Gyaru Secrets!XD

Okay so i think im gonna leave that one there,and ill keep my blog up to date from now on!



  1. the eye make up is nice (: liking the lashes

    CMPang x

  2. Wow! you're eyes look so huge in the first picture! AMAZING o.o and pretty! Nice blog, this is my first time visiting it.
    follow for follow?

  3. You look great!!
    I really love your hair and make-up <3
    Which hair dye did you use if I may ask?