Wednesday, 13 July 2011

♥♥ Long time no see!

Sorry i havent posted in a while,ive been quite busy recently!
Thankyou to all my new followers too!:3

Okay soo,i got my Bambi lenses throughthe other day,i chose Green Apple,but ive since ordered Sesame Grey too,as i love them that much!:D

Work has been hectic recently,but ive got alot of photos on my phone that i need to upload,but i dont have time today as im off to work in a bit! D:

Ill update properly when ive got some more time,but htought id better do a little post as i hadnt been on here in so long!


  1. ahhh you are always so pretty! (>w<)~ <3
    Your lenses suit you well IMO :D

  2. i have the same lenses ^^
    u're pretty)

  3. Gorgeous!! The photos came out really cool. I want to look like you! lol.

  4. :DD Thankyou all very much!~(^-^)~ -xox-

  5. Oh, you bought Bambi lenses?! I was wanting to see someone wearing those since they seem really popular right now. :3 they look so pretty on you!! ^^ are they comfortable?

  6. thankyou!:3 yes they are very comfy!:3 -xox-

  7. youre really prety! i envy your blonde hair!